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End of the semester [May. 4th, 2005|09:47 pm]
Well this semester was very good academically

Calculus 3 - C+
Physics 2 - B+
English 1 - A
Sociology - A

Coulda done better in calc and phy, but eh, dont have to see either of them again so woot.. and a big hurry for no more english
like a huge motherfucking hurray. So ready to be moving back to Gainesvill in the spring. Work is still busy as ever, and im about to be taking up a second to save up even more money for the car im about to buy. Im looking at two models right now, a 2005 Chevy Monte Calo, and a 2005 Mazda 3... lol depends on the deal I get I suppose. But anyways, hopefully I can make a trip to gainesville somewhere in the summer, maybe for my birthday to get away from here lol. we will see

Other then that, im almost lv 60 in wow.. huzza.

Other then that everythings same as usual

Next semester im applying for graduation with my AA degree, and getting ready to transfer. My scheduleis going to be something like
Differential Equations
Social Problems
Biology I

not to bad ne?

Anyways more later
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updates! [Apr. 17th, 2005|03:34 pm]
[music |Shut up - Simple plan]

Lots of stuff been happening, both here in fort walton and in gainesville and naples it seems.

As for me, I have just been working a lot, saving up lotsa monies and eagerly awaiting the comming summertime. All goes well, I shall be visiting at least to naples to say hi to vic and nicole and pj since I didnt get a chance to on spring break. I will see who all is left in g vile and possibly visit there too.

Jp is 90% likely to get a new car, which he is very excited for. He hath chosen a 2005 Bright blue Mazda3 sedan. and it is very pretty. Hopefully everything with finances and insurance will work it self out, but I will know for sure in a few weeks. Might wait till my birthday and make it das uber bday present! so ya enought ranting about cars

School has been going well, predicting 2 a's in english and sociology, 1 b in physics, and a possible b-c for calc iii. Not to shabby, I could have done better, but meh, im almost done and when I get back to uf ill be on a clean slate :D

eagerly awaiting return to UF. Hopefully josh will be going, and if he does, his mom going to buy a house up there and jp gets free rent and utilites!!! joy!!!

so ya, not much else going on, havnt been playing wow as much, but its all good. Just been focusing on work and school and possibly working on a second job for the summer.
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Updating [Apr. 6th, 2005|11:41 pm]
[mood |depressediffy]
[music |Reason, From Gundam Seed Destiny]

Lotsa stuff has been happening lately.

First off I was able to go to gainesville for my spring break last week, and I must say it was the most enjoyable week I have had.... since last semester. Stayed with don and adam at their appartment in victors room (btw thanks to victor for letting me use his room and internet). The internet in victor's room didnt get fixed till tuesday.. so we had ethernet cables running through the upstairs part of the room. It was quite amusing. Almost got to see everyone, just saw anna and I didnt get to see mark, but maybe during the summer when I come down we will get together or something. Met gloria, and shes pretty cool, and pink lol, very pink, which is cool. Didnt do a whole lot of stuff, GA the weekend I got there, and just hung out and slept in a lot. Something I havent been able to do lately because of the way work and school is staggered.

But I cant wait to come back to UF, my scheduled return date is next spring when I complete my AA degree. I havent decided whether or not I am going to do aerospace or go to computer engineering

Other then that, got a raise at work when I came back, woot woot. Also getting more hours which is hella cool, starting to save hard for when I come back so I may not have to work and actually have money.

Dawn hasnt talked to me since things between us kinda fell apart, which makes me sad, and I guess she going back to her ex (ex ex, I guess, shes gone back to him a few times). But whatever makes her happy. just kinda hard to look back at her jounal and see all the nice things she used to say about me and now she doesnt even chat or email me... sigh.. sry about the rant but I was reading it today and it was kinda depressing. Oh well, just gotta move forward with it as usual.

Been having lots of fun in WoW. I now have a 50 Tauren Warrior on Spinebreaker and my good buddy josh gank every allance person we come across. Of course we get ganked ourselfs, but its been lots of fun along the way. Our guild is great, we go on instance runs with teh guild all the time, and I have never had as much money or exellent armor before. So woot for that. Been trying to get don to buy the game, but hes saving for his con. Adam's been doing fairly well too, with his 34 priest. Cant wait for us all to be 60. The down time for maintance is always a bitch, but it comes with the game.

Not really much else to report. Its been raining.. HARD.. since about 7pm cst.. the water is getting high... almost to the front door. Hopefully there will be no flooding, but thankfully I keep my computer up high on my desk. Hopefully they will cancel school tomorrow hehe.

Oh well, I guess im going to go putter around a bit more till I get sleepy, if ya wanna chat, you all knowhow to get a hold of me.

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Jp's goin on a vacation [Feb. 24th, 2005|10:15 pm]
Yay for spring break.... being THREE weeks away, and after everyone else's... which totally suxxors max. But oh well, I place all blame on don... because I can. Well I guess thats not ALL fair, so Ill put a small percent on the Florida education system too. Shit happens, ne?

Anywho, spring break for me starts the 25 mar, and Im planning a trip down to Gville and naples. Talked with victor and hes cool with me staying at his house while im in naples, but im probably going to need a place to sleep in gville. Thankfully there is plenty of time to plan. BUt jp REALLY needs to get away. Been waaaay to much drama for me, and the only person I have been hanging out with is my best friend josh. Dont get me wrong, hes a good friend and all.. . but ALL he does is play on the computers... I miss the random outings, the cooking of dinner/magic/anime nights, the video gamming, and the going out to eat. So hopefully things will work out for spring break.

Just got a new speaker system put in my truck today, did most of it myself! *feels proud* It was a pain, but DAMN it sounds soooo sweet now.. I went around blaring GB music and Initial D music for old times' sake, and EVERYONE heard it! so yay.

As if my month couldnt get any worse with relationship problems, somehow my desktop got hacked into and someone dumped about 80 viruses into my system. 80 viruses = HRK. and I spend about 4 of my sleeping ours reformatting it and cursing my luck. THankfully my 80 Gigs of anime in my secondary drive was unharmed.. or heads would have ROLLED... more specifically, nukes would have dropped, but eh, whos going to tell the diff? So yea, I just need to get away, relax, and enjoy life for a week

Been starting to go to the gym to get back in shape for DDR, and josh is teaching me karate! so hopefully when I get back to UF I can get into Kendo too. Oh, and my brother just started kendo too, and lovin it. Hes doing quite well too from what I hear, so props to him.

Other then that, just working on an essay due in a few hours, and trying to keep my sanity. Hi ho, hi ho, its back to work I go
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2005|11:49 pm]
en following trend:

hate women, hate love, need relationship, need sleep, 'nuff said
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IM probably the most innocent of the group, well.. maybe besides adam, but hes adam [Jan. 31st, 2005|10:04 pm]

1) drank alcohol
2) smoked pot
3) eaten shrooms
4) rolled on ecstasy
5) dropped acid
6) sniffed coke
7) popped vicadin, somas, etc..
8) taken speed
9) made-out with someone
10) made-out with someone of the same sex
11) done a three-way kiss
12) been fingered or fingered someone
13) given a handjob or received one
14) given head or received it
15) had sex
16) had a threesome
17) had an orgy
18) had sex with more than one person
19) had sex with more than one person in a week
20) had sex with more than one person in a day
21) shoplifted
22) been in a fight
23) been to jail
24) gotten a speeding ticket
25) been in the police blotter
26) sold drugs
27) bought drugs
28) watched porn
29) taped porn
30) used sex toys

yup... a WHOLE 2/60.... arnt I special..... and this is of course with no lie.... who could lie about soemthing like that.. XD

but oh well, in other news.. work suxed... i was the ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE DEPTARTMENT.. and thusly got the "im a rude bastard" title from the old people... GAH OLD PEOPLE!!!! not to mention im having to reformate computers, help customers, and do phone tech support... it just wasnt right.  Didnt get out of there till 640, when I was scheduled out at 550, because I have a class at 630, which is in a town 30 min away... so I didnt get to class until 730, thank GOD I got my lap report done earlier that day... omg just what a horrible situation. 

So yea, other then that just been playing lotsa cs... and a little bit of halo2 in the evenings.... jsut game's game's game's since I got the "time" for it now, sigh... gah, got a physics test wed, which should be easy, and a calc test sunday... and OMG I GOT THE SUPERBOWL OFF!!!! huzza!!! not like I watch sports.. but yea


anyways.. back to gamming, best not to waste "time"

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long days [Jan. 30th, 2005|09:24 pm]
[mood |tiredcant sleep, play games]
[music |Breaking Benjimin - Blow me away (halo2 soundtrack)]

Kinda feeling better today, which is a plus. On the other hand, I havent slept in 2 days, and are starting to feel the effects on it. Just havnt been able to fall alseep, so I play games. Got more time for them now, might as well enjoy it. About to hit lv 45 with my PLD on World of Warcraft woot woot... and have been getting better in CS, which im proud of because I want to get on my brother's CS:source team and get paid to go to official tourneys. Work was boring, but I did get to open up and put on display a new gateway laptop. Its always fun opening up new stuff and test driving it... one of the perk's of the jobs. Just lots of old cranky people pesting me about things that dont exist and say that their 10 yr old grandson knows more then me about computers... not bloody likely but u gotta be nice... old people sometimes.....

any ways, im going to go back to playing my games, got the time to play them, might as well ne?
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lots of things happening [Jan. 22nd, 2005|04:24 pm]
again, wow... its been a while since ive updated this.

Lots of stuff has happened lately. I'll start with the most recent. First off, i have a new cell phone number, for those of you I have yet to give the number too it is (850) 499 9707. Its through verizon so if you have a verizon phone we can chat for free!!! I have also invested into a 30'' Samsung HDTV, althought its still a tube tv, the picture is absoultly amazing, and halo2 roxxors on it.

Work has been going well, I have been transfered to the digital camera/random computer parts department, because I can sell camera's well and I love helping people with computer questions. Well, except really stupid people, those get agravating... and OLD PEOPLE! dont get me wrong, there are some that are as smart or even smarter then me about computers, but 90% are just dumb as bricks AND unwilling to want to understand. The ones that do want to learn are awesome and just really fun to show them how to use their computers and digital cameras. unfortunalty its been really DEAD in the store lately.. people are broke...er.. then they were before xmas so no one is buying stuff, which sucks because I get bored easily. Thankfully most of the associates I work with play World of Warcraft/FFXI/Halo2/Half-life2/Counterstrike:source, so we tell our tales of funny happenings, and that kinda passes the time along... but I cant complain.. getting paid to sit around and talk about videogames is totally cool.

School has been going well too. Right now im taking Calculus III, Physics II, Sociology, and ENC1101. I will officially be returning to the University of Florida next spring as a transfer student. Im just so close to completing my AA that I migh as well finish it up, and Its just more time to work and earn lotsa monies! I made all B's last semester, which I was satified with, but not entirely happy with.. but it does definatly beat the C's, D's, and Drops that I had last year, so hopefully this semester will be a straight A semester. oh, and my calc teacher tends to say "what?" about 300 times a lecture.. if you dont believe me I can send you one of the lectures Ive recorded and you can hear for yourself lol.

I guess the biggest thing that has happened lately is that ive finally found a girl that likes me. Which is like SOOOOOO totally awesome. and not just awesome as in looks, but her personality is just wonderful too. I am just really happy just being able to sit next to her and hold her. We are taking the relationship slow, which is good because all this dating stuff is really new/uncomfortable sometimes to me. and I am just really happy that she likes me enought to be patient and help me through things. we are not officially going out....yet, and its just kinda resting on when I feel that im ready to take the reltaionship further, which with every moment I get to be with her, the more it seems the time to make it official. Its, just, really nice having someone to hold onto now, and I hope that this relationship will flourish and grow.

well, im going to get back to work now, gotta get some training done, hope all of you all are doing well and that you are doing well in school, I look forward to seeing you all again.. and hopefully we can plan a get together. PJ keep me posed on the feb visit so Ican see about getting off work, a few weeks would be ideal, but justkeep in touch. Take care
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muahahahahah digital camera funnness!!!!!!!!! [Nov. 27th, 2004|12:09 am]
jp digital camera GETZ!!!!

ok long story short I made a quick webpage to show off my compy..

pics are a little small.. but you get the jist of it.. If you wanna see the better pics, just lemme know and Ill send via aim

here ya go@

http://www.geocities.com/firefox14_x/ jpfirstcompy.html

other then that.. worked 5a-1020p today... feel like a beated red headed stepchild
fortunatly, I have a 8a-1030p work shift to look forward too.... yay...
and lets not talk about sundays 9a-8p...
my god.. thats why its called the Most wonderful time of the year....
...stupid retail indrustry...

ok enough rant.. must aquire few hours of precious sleep
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its sure been a while [Nov. 5th, 2004|02:21 am]
wow.. it's beena helluva time since I last posted.

Lotsa stuff been happening, probably a reason why I have not been posted.

Ok most recent updates:
Jp has a new desktop to go with his laptop.
Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.4GHZ 1MB L2 Cache 800 FSB
Intel D915PBL Power Series Desktop Motherboard
1GB PC2 4200 (533 MHZ) DIMM Ram w/ copper heatsink (2x 512) *Expandable to 4GB*
128 Nvidia 6600GT PCI-Express graphics
74 GB Western Digital Raptor SATA HD 10000RPM
8.1 Digital Surround card
Aspire X-Navigator Black/Silver Case with 500 Watt Powersupply and 5 Cooling fans
APC 500 Watt Uninterrupted Power Supply *Think of it as a battery for the desktop. Auto shut off if power goes out*
Samsung 19'' Dynaflat High Performance CRT Monitor (.20 Dot Pitch)
*Hopefully I will be getting some pics up here soon of the setup.. its pretty bad ass... and sooo nerdy*

*soon to be added in*
200 GB Western Digital SATA HD for anime/music storage
ASUS Dual Layer DVD+-RW
Bigger CPU heatsink if current one does not show improvement

total cost with tax and shipping, not including the stuff to be added in, is $1300.

Other then that, its been mostly work and school.. I think yesterday was the first day off in about 3 months.
However my efforts are starting to pay off. Im making a B in Physics, a B in calc, B in my Intro to programming, and a
A in my Humanities class. At the same time earning lotsa monies to do stuff, case in point being able to blow 1300 on computer
with out it having to think twice about it. So yea, some things starting to look up. I am eagerly awaiting return to UF to see
you all again. Hopefully in the spring I will be heading down to do some Appartment shopping. IF anyone knows any good places,
lemme know so I can check it out. oh, and still single lol. Some things never change right?

Hope everyone is faring well this semester. Hopfully when halo 2 comes out it will not distract me.... much >.<

Talk to you all later
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